Diverse Project Management

We are available to assist in a timely fashion with varied business, management, accounting projects with diverse sectors in business and not for profit organisations.

Our Consultants have traveled extensively and lived and worked in different countries from UK, USA, Canada and the Caribbean so continuously acquiring diverse development and perspectives to strategise optimum success.

We have worked with diverse, multicultural projects and within all groups in the community, whether it be gender, belief, age, disabilities, religion, culture, asylum seekers, refugees, charities and other third sector organisations.  We have managed fundraising projects, publicity materials and events, project management and coordination.

We have been assisting with sourcing funding and funding applications and supporting information and documents for many years.  We work around your particular organisation and it’s specific needs so your project will receive what it is entitled to, in a holistic way.  Each funder has different requirements so let us assess your project and service users benefits for you, for free and then guide you in the right direction to retrieve the funds your projects need.

We consider all the assets and capital (equipment and funds) necessary for small, large or a group of projects.   A whole array of funders are available to source funds, whether it be via grants or loans, government, private or from larger charities.  We provide you the information and we work together in making sure you can develop or build fairly and productively.

Contact us with any projects in need of a specialist in any information technology, management, accounting or finance area.